The Influencers

Meet fifteen LGBTQ community members making a major impact in St. Louis

Where do we get off, telling you who the influencers are in this town?

Well, we’d like to think we keep our ears to the ground and watch who’s moving and who’s shaking, who’s driving the discussion and who’s pressing buttons.

This collection tells the stories of fifteen standout St. Louis queers, people who are distinguishing themselves through service, artistry, entrepreneurship and pure beautiful outrageousness. They are among the many who make the human tapestry in this town so rich.

Our task here is to shine a little light on people who are shaping the discourse and pushing forward the daily conversation of life. Some might be very familiar to you, and others might be total unknowns. We hope both to honor their efforts and expand your mental roster of people contributing to our community.

How did we choose? We brainstormed, we talked, we hit up the most plugged-in people we knew. We discussed and strategized and maybe even argued a tiny little bit, and then went forth and chatted up some of our heroes. It was our privilege, really, to pick this group of brains.

We hope to repeat this task year after year, learning about different people who are influencing big and small aspects of all our lives. We’re proud to present the inaugural class of St. Louis’ LGBTQ Influencers. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Joss Barton

Tony Corso

Mo Costello

Sean Michael

Christa Cunningham

David Dwight IV

Nikia Munson

Chuck J. Pfoutz

Sayer Johnson

Dr. Christopher Lewis

Shawn Jennings Kohrs

Maxi Glamour

Cami Thomas

Bryon Pierson

Kameo Dupree


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