Nikia Munson: Self-Love Advocate

Photo by Theo Welling.

If you’ve done any work learning about positive female sexuality in St. Louis in recent years, you probably know Nikia Munson. The educator, facilitator and explorer has long understood the importance of creating safe and respectful spaces for sexual self-discovery and learning. 

In 2014, Munson joined Sex Positive St. Louis, the community resource for discussion, education and connection on sexuality. As part of the group’s leadership, the 29-year-old attends and facilitates workshops, discussions and social events built around sex positivity in all its facets. 

“I’m all about giving people a safe space in order to just be themselves,” says Munson. “A lot of times we don’t even have the opportunity to understand what we enjoy because we’re so busy trying to conform to the images that society is putting on.”

As a queer woman of color, Munson says it’s important to transmit that queers, women and people of color need to internalize that they deserve pleasure as much as anyone else. One specific zone of her interest is an area we could all stand to learn more about and destigmatize.

“I like to focus on self-pleasure and just general body love,” Munson says. “Whenever I get around women and we talk about orgasms, I love seeing women just light up. They’re like, ‘Oh my god, I never thought it could be described that way!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh honey, you have so much to learn about.’”


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