Jim Andris at a 1980 pride festival in St. Louis. | COURTESY ST. LOUIS LGBT HISTORY PROJECT

A History of Pride in St. Louis

The year after Stonewall in 1970, what we now call Pride events began taking place across America. While St. Louis did not host its first Pride until 1980, many foundational events paved the way for modern era Pride celebrations across the St. Louis region. In 1977 and 1978, local gay rights rallies were held in

Soulard Pride Is a Can’t-Miss Neighborhood Festival

Few cities have a neighborhood specifically for drinkers. Sure, New Orleans has the French Quarter, but that’s mostly tourists. Historic Soulard, however, is the real deal. The Anheuser-Busch Brewery’s blazing red marquis looms over the rooftops like the Eye of Sauron, there’s a tavern on or around every corner, and one even peruses the offerings

Hundreds gathered outside the Missouri Capitol in March to protest anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Judge Temporarily Blocks Missouri Gender-Affirming Care Restrictions

By Monica Obradovic The Missouri attorney general’s restrictions on transgender health care will not go into effect today as planned. Circuit Court Judge Ellen Ribaudo granted a temporary restraining order to prevent the restrictions from going into effect until a lawsuit against the rules is adjudicated. The temporary restraining order expires May 15.  The restrictions

Protesters gathered in Jefferson City to protest trans rights last month. | REUBEN HEMMER

Metro Trans Umbrella Group: Missouri AG Leads Misguided Attack on Trans Rights

On April 13, 2023, the Missouri attorney general issued an emergency order effectively barring access to gender-affirming care for transgender individuals in our state. This stunning and profoundly concerning decision undermines the well-being of a vulnerable population and sets a dangerous precedent in allowing the state to intervene in personal medical decisions. Gender-affirming care is

Female impersonator Stanley Rogers, Bonnie Blake, and Cat Schmidt donation one of her drag king outfits to the St. Louis LGBT History Project. | Courtesy Steven Brawley

A History of St. Louis’ Drag Scene

St. Louis’ LGBTQ+ ancestral family tree includes countless drag performers and gender nonconforming individuals. Currently, St. Louis lays claim to having the world’s oldest performing drag queen – John Chaney, who performs at the age of 94 as Bonnie Blake, a St. Louis legend. Chaney and others have paved the way to advance LGBTQ+ rights

‘We Have to Fight’: Incarcerated Transgender Missourians Are Latest Target of Missouri Lawmakers

Jessica Hicklin may be best known as the trans woman who took the state of Missouri to court over access to gender-affirming care while incarcerated, with a successful ruling in 2018. Now five years later, as Missouri state legislators are sponsoring an array of bills targeting transgender health care, she describes this as a dark