New Year, Who Dis?

The year’s end is always a time of dichotomies: outrageous indulgence starting at Halloween and lasting through the New Year, followed by resolute promises to live on kale, water and spin classes the day the calendar flips over. It’s a time for reflection, for new growth and for looking ahead. I’m feeling like 2019 is


SWITCH is the newest 18+ queer dance party in the city. A monthly Saturday night pop-up, the party happens at the Livery (6728 South Broadway) in deep south city. To say it’s a comfortable and a low-key contrast to the scenier spots in the Grove is the understatement of the year.   SWITCH provides underground

The Misfits Fit in Eureka Springs

Nestled in native limestone is a place some have called the largest open-air asylum in the South. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a town that is as much an enigma as its origins. The trees wear hand-crocheted sweaters by local fiber artist Gina Rose Gallina, and they line up brightly to welcome you. Years ago, a

The Q Collective Announces 2019 Season

THE Q COLLECTIVE ANNOUNCES 2019 SEASON The Q Collective announces its 2019 season, including the new short play festival TRANSLUMINATE; the award-winning Broadway musical and cult classic HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH; and the return of the Q’s critically acclaimed COMING OUT PLAY FESTIVAL, which debuted in 2018. In February, The Q Collective’s season opens

The Holiday Mask: Be True to Yourself

Have you ever had to hide yourself from others to avoid judgment, bigotry and shattered expectations? Have you ever had to keep the real you inconspicuous as a means of survival? Nothing stings more than having family that doesn’t want you — especially during the holiday season.  Every year between October and January, many people

Divas of the Grove Ignite from the Ashes

It’s a brisk Tuesday night and I’m sitting with my wife at Rehab Bar and Grill, home of Divas of the Grove, waiting for a quick chat with the Divas before their rehearsal. The name of the bar, located at the corner of Sarah and Manchester, could be interpreted as a cheeky take on the

Burger Queens and Deep Fried Twinks

Pretty much everyone likes burgers, right? Even vegetarians have great options in the burger department these days. So it stands to reason that a campy, friendly burger spot with a drag theme, a menu full of puns and a philanthropic mission would be a big draw. Enter Hamburger Mary’s (400 Washington Avenue, 314-833-4000). The restaurant’s

On a Roll

Initially, Andrew Black was seeking solace. His mother had just died, and he was at a loss. “I was processing trauma in my life, looking for a distraction,” Black, now 40, recalls. A middle school teacher by day, Black went along with a friend one evening to practice with the St. Louis GateKeepers, which at

Meth at the Melrose

My husband sleeping by my side, I woke from a Saturday afternoon nap two summers ago to my friend and downstairs neighbor, whom I’ll call Keith, passionately kissing me. My Tower Grove apartment building, which we called “the Melrose,” was like a big gay frat house back then, a place where it wasn’t uncommon for