Toni Bryce: From ‘P Valley’ to ‘The Chi’ – A Star on the Rise”

East St. Louis-born actress Toni Bryce, celebrated for her role in Starz’s hit TV show P Valley and her groundbreaking performance in Disney Plus’s She Hulk, where she became the first Black trans woman to appear in a Marvel production, has landed a role in the acclaimed TV series The Chi.

Bryce, who portrayed Nineveh on P Valley, once remarked, “Dear Nineveh… you’re going to open doors for me,” reflecting her belief that her portrayal would pave the way for future opportunities in the entertainment industry. Her compelling and authentic performance made her character relatable and brought a sense of realism to the screen, embodying the ball community’s concept of “realness.”

Her new role in The Chi as Aerin is a testament to how her performance in P Valley has indeed opened doors. Joining this Emmy-winning show created by Lena Waithe marks another milestone in her burgeoning career. As The Chi enters its sixth season on Showtime, this opportunity could lead to Bryce becoming a recurring or even main cast member.

One might say she’s proven she can be main cast material by her strong advocacy and leadership for the Trans community, the Kiki ball scene of Atlanta, and even the Legendary House of Louboutin. Excelling in all these areas of leadership while maintaining a distinction between them is no small task.

With P Valley set to return after the Hollywood strike, fans eagerly anticipate seeing more of Toni Bryce and her potential evolution into a main cast member.

In the meantime, revisit Toni Bryce’s captivating performance on P Valley.

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