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Moving Past Trauma: EMDR Has Helped LGBTQ Patients Overcome Toxic Feelings

Moving Past Trauma: EMDR Has Helped LGBTQ Patients Overcome Toxic Feelings

When Jason Eccker finally sought counseling for the bullying he faced in grade school, it changed his life — personally, and professionally. Now, in his own counseling practice, he makes use of the specific type of therapy that helped him so much. It’s called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, or EMDR. It’s a proven

Christa Cunningham: Removing Barriers

From starting a real estate company in New Jersey, to coming out as transgender to her ex-partner of fourteen years, to signing away her business to start a new life in St. Louis, Christa Cunningham’s only constant has been change. After rebooting her life in 2006, Cunningham, now 49, enrolled at Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville

Dr. Christopher Lewis: The Gender Doctor

To his coworkers, Dr. Christopher Lewis is known as the gender doctor. But to the LGBTQ community in the city, the region and beyond, he’s known as a great influencer. Lewis co-founded the Washington University Transgender Center clinic at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a cutting-edge center of care for trans youth. “[St. Louis] is

Tony Corso: Boo Boo Brings the Bucks

Tony Corso — better known around these parts as Boo Boo — revitalized the Bartender Revue at Just John a decade ago, making it the hotly anticipated annual event it remains today. The annual drag comedy event, held in January, raises money for charities handpicked by Corso and Just John co-founder Jeromy Ruot. Founded in