#StandWithJake Against a Hate Group Monday

Want to see what community looks like? Head over to John Burroughs School early Monday morning. Pride St. Louis is rallying the troops, because some hate-mongers thought they’d try to come for Jake Bain—and that’s a hard nope around here.

Bain, of course, is the Burroughs high school football phenom who’s heading to Indiana State to continue his career. He’s the team captain, a hometown hero, and a tremendously poised young man who happens to be openly gay.

A notorious group of vile shitbags from Kansas is planning to demonstrate Monday morning at the school because their feelings are hurt about Bain being awesome. They hide under the cloak of the Baptist faith and the name of their “church” rhymes with Nestboro but we’re not actually going to say it or link to them because fuck them and their Google algorithm.

Pride St. Louis heard about their plans and organized a demonstration of their own in support of Bain and against the nonsense of the hate group.

“Our organization stands fully behind Jake,” Marty Zuniga, Vice President of Pride St. Louis, said in a statement on Facebook. “The dangerous and divisive rhetoric from [jerks we aren’t naming] cannot go unchallenged. We must show them that this is a community of inclusion and diversity, where the lives of LGBTQIA+ people are valued and protected.”

Damn right.

So if you can go literally stand with Jake on Monday, March 12 between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m., please do. Keep an eye on Pride’s event page for details. If you can’t, you can still #StandWithJake virtually, thanks to their handy-dandy hashtag.


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