Why Rapper Eric Dontè Holds on to Teddy Bears

Eric Dontè is not in counseling. His music is how he gets out his anguish. “I think a lot of people feel like I do but are afraid to say it out loud,” he says, sitting in his bare-bones apartment in the Shaw neighborhood. “I’ve hit rock bottom so many times, what’s the worst that

Photographer Jen Everett Talks Race, Identity and the Image

Up until this summer, Jen Everett had an ordinary routine. She would wake at 7:30 a.m., go to work as a project engineer for a construction firm and then come home around 5:30 p.m. to her partner and their thirteen-year-old son in south city.  In her bits of spare time, though, she took photographs. And

Why Miss Missouri 2016 Took on Teen Suicide

It’s a Saturday in a small town in Missouri. There’s a beauty pageant underway, and a young teen — we’ll call her Tya — is nervous. She keeps to herself all day long. She thinks she doesn’t fit in with the other girls. She stays at the edge of room, looking in. She has never

Navigating the Weirdness of Alton, Illinois

I consider Alton, Illinois, the undiscovered Sausalito of the Mississippi River. It’s a picturesque town about 22 miles north of the Arch, a place with dramatic topography and grand vistas. It also happens to have mysteries below the surface. And a Historic Museum of Torture Devices. The museum’s proprietor is Janet Kolar, Alton’s hearse-driving (and hearse-racing)

We Need To Talk About Health Care, Fam!

Sick of hearing about health care? In late July, after seven years of promises and drama, congressional Republicans failed to pull off a wholesale repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Now this week, they’re trying once again. But even if this most recent effort loses steam, that’s no excuse to tune

What Five LGBTQ Bartenders Are Mixing This Fall

[THE SASHA’S SHOT] Cathy Thomure Sasha’s on Shaw 4069 Shaw Blvd., 314-771-7274 Cathy Thomure slung her fair share of shots during the seven years she worked at Novak’s, the legendary (and now-defunct) LGBTQ bar. Now she dwells in the more relaxed vibe of Sasha’s on Shaw, where she’s the general manager. But she still makes