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Female impersonator Stanley Rogers, Bonnie Blake, and Cat Schmidt donation one of her drag king outfits to the St. Louis LGBT History Project. | Courtesy Steven Brawley

A History of St. Louis’ Drag Scene

St. Louis’ LGBTQ+ ancestral family tree includes countless drag performers and gender nonconforming individuals. Currently, St. Louis lays claim to having the world’s oldest performing drag queen – John Chaney, who performs at the age of 94 as Bonnie Blake, a St. Louis legend. Chaney and others have paved the way to advance LGBTQ+ rights

Looking Forward, Looking Back: LGBTQ History in St. Louis

It’s important to remember that Pride, social highlight and party extraordinaire that it’s become, started with a riot. Half a century ago the LGBT community (with trans women of color right up front) had enough of institutionalized bigotry and fought back hard against a pointless police raid at the Stonewall Inn. Our community comes together