The Sweetest Massacre

Maybe you think Valentine’s Day is great, and maybe you think it’s a dumb fake holiday cooked up by Big Chocolate.

Either way, Saturday nights are meant for gettin’ into it. And this Saturday, GutterGlitter’s Galentines Day Massacre looks like the place to be. The 18+ dance party takes over Community Arts and Movement Project on Cherokee Street from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Honestly maybe the best part of this event is the pricing structure. It’s $5, which is a pittance considering you are getting the incomparable Maxi Glamour hosting Roxie M Valentine, Schuyler Control, Mustache Daddy and Diamond Devereaux.


You’re a cis straight dude. You fellas can come, but it’s $70. Not a typo. Way to put queer folx front and center, Massacre! We’d love to hear if any cis straight dudes a) tried it and b) actually ponied up. (That…actually might be an ally we’d like to know!)

There’s gonna be mimosas and baked goods and a cash bar, with all the proceeds going to the artists. Dope.


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