Wander the Sequin Circuit to Maximize Soulard Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras celebrities “Mad Beader” Auntie M and “Maven of Mardi Gras” Luann Denten will be above Nadine’s tossing the finest throw beads with the Krewe of the Lustful Lushes.

Soulard is wall-to-wall revelers after the parade, and each corner has its own distinct flavor. Three of those intersections will be queerer than the others, so why not wander the Sequin Circuit, ensuring you don’t miss any of the shows, the fun, the hotties, or the bead earning opportunities?

Get Beaded Up at Nadine’s

First thing’s first. Beads are everything during Mardi Gras, and the finest strands around will be tossed by The Krewe of the Lustful Lushes above Nadine’s (1902 S 12th St.) beginning around 11:00 a.m. One star of the corner will be the Mad Beader of Mardi Gras, Auntie M, and you might be amazed at the lengths folks will go in order to earn a strand from his coveted collection.

Auntie M’s beads are the ultimate Mardi Gras status symbol. Photo by Theo Welling

A sensational drag show starts at noon, featuring Schuyler Control, Analyse Thropic, Roxie Valentine, TiKi Vonté.

The famed High Heel Drag Races begin around 2:30, with several races anyone can join (heels courtesy of Nadine). The final competition requires participants to run in full drag, where they’ll race against the ruthlessly ambitious Roxie Valentine. Roxie is trying out for Season 4 of Dragula, and her high heel in your forehead is sure to clinch her a spot.

“I may be a plus size beauty but don’t underestimate the skills I have in these heels. Bring on the frat boys!” Roxie says.

The winner of the final race will receive the Golden Pump of Power Trophy.

The first drag show of the day begins at noon outside of Nadine’s.

Make Four Stings Your VIP Headquarters

Unless you already live in Soulard, you’re going to want a warm place to charge your phone, eat, drink and use a real restroom (as opposed to the fiberglass abominations lining the street), and Four Strings (1730 S 8th St.) has a deal for you. For $75 you can join their private party, and that includes all you can drink domestic beers, well drinks, and hurricanes. There will be a hot buffet all day as well. They only sell a limited number of tickets, so get on it, Fam.

Jason Fossella and Four Strings party goers make various bets on what time the wheels will come off.

Going Big at Bastille

Sitting in the heart of it all, Bastille is the ultimate place to people watch, and they’ll have two shows featuring some of the biggest names in drag. The iconic Jade Sinclair gives the rundown: “We have our reigning Miss Bastille Roxxy Malone and Bella Rose, and former Miss Bastille Nadia M Louis, along with Ming Lee, Tassandra Crush and myself. We have two shows; one at 1:00 p.m. and one at 3:00 p.m. We will have plenty of giveaways, along with staples such as hurricanes, Fireball and plenty of beer!”

Bastille brings out the A-List entertainers for Mardi Gras

It’s a big deal, y’all

You’ve got one of the world’s largest Mardi Gras celebrations in your own backyard. Consider rounding up your crew, drawing up a game plan and wandering the Sequin Circuit to take full advantage of all the celebration has to offer.

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