Dustin Mitchell Bound for Texas State Penitentiary  

This story is an update to Dustin Does Dallas.

After years of getting off easy in St. Louis there was much speculation that Dustin Mitchell would skate by in Texas as well, and a five year deferred sentence for the charges he faced in Collin County gave an initial indication that might have been the case.

However, charges in three other Texas counties were still pending, and on October 1, 2018, Mitchell took a plea deal for the Denton County charges and will serve eight years in the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville—home of the most active execution chamber in the United States.

Charges are still pending in Dallas and Tarrant counties, and Mitchell has already run afoul of the terms of the deferred sentence, all but guaranteeing five years will be added to his prison term. While his deferred adjudication was revoked, the Collin County District Attorney does not yet know if that five year sentence would be served consecutively or concurrently.

“He took deferred adjudication [for the Collin County charges] for five years, which is basically a really harsh probation,” explains his wife, Lacey McCullough. “It states that if he picks up another charge his deferred adjudication is an automatic guilty and he is agreeing to a five year sentence. He then proceeded to pick up another charge in the jail for representing another inmate!”

Mitchell accepted monies from the family of a fellow inmate to prepare documents and offer legal counsel. Mitchell’s illegitimate legal services were not at all helpful to the inmate’s case.

“When [the documents Mitchell prepared] got filed, the inmate’s sentence got extended. That was part of why he was moved to the geriatric ward. He wasn’t safe in the general population after that. Between the deal with that inmate and one of the other inmate’s parents being one of Dustin’s victims, he was not making friends.”

McCullough also reports that Mitchell’s contesting the divorce, arguing that her possessions are community property and should be divided.

“I don’t know what he thinks he’ll do with those items in prison,” McCullough said.


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