Family Seeks Justice After Jarvis McIntire’s Body Discovered in Texas

Jarvis McIntire (Courtesy photo).

Jarvis McIntire (Courtesy photo).

The body of St. Louisian Jarvis McIntire, who went to Texas for a birthday vacation and went missing days ago, has been found. The news was confirmed by family members today.

Jarvis with his mother (Courtesy photo).

McIntire with his mother (Courtesy photo).

In a live video tribute, family members expressed their determination to seek justice.

In recent years, activists have called San Antonio a “sundown town,” saying it’s unsafe for Black people.

Brittany Evans, McIntire’s cousin, shared a heartfelt message:

“Hate crimes are real, you guys,” she said. “Jarvis was lured to that park. He made a 911 call stating he was being chased by racists with guns. His call was ignored or poorly handled. His car was located with all his items, yet his phone and wallet were missing. His items were turned in and a missing person report was made, but no one connected any of this together. We believe it’s because he was Black and his sexual preference. WE WILL GET JUSTICE!”

Evans continued on social media:

“THANK YOU, y’all did y’all BIG ONE. ALL the shares, tips, info, and helpers searching. Y’all were not playing. I’m smiling so hard right now because the way y’all came together and jumped into private investigator mode was AMAZING! We definitely could not have done it without y’all FOR SURE. PLEASE continue praying for his mom, brother, and family. This is only the beginning. We are now on the search for the killer or killers. #JusticeForJarvis #forever25 #sayhisname #HateCrimeAwarenes”

The family is urging people to come forward with more information and wants the San Antonio Police Department to treat this case with the passion, dedication and resources it deserves.

It is important to remember McIntire’s vibrant personality and spirit. He was a son, a brother, a cousin, a friend, a Navy sailor and more. Whether you refer to him as Sisqo or Jarvis it is apparent by the outpouring of love, and he will never be forgotten, but always celebrated.



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