A Sea of Support for Trans Folx at Pride

Two St. Louis trans people died in one week recently. We lost Alix Johnson to suicide and Castilla to overdose. That’s two too many, and for Jolene Gosha, it demands response and action.

Gosha, parade coordinator at Pride St. Louis, is on a mission to create a beautiful, visible wave of support for the trans community.

Join her this Sunday at Pride Center to create thousands of trans flags. It’s a simple enough piece of crafting, with supplies and directions provided. During the downtown parade on Sunday, June 24th, volunteers will distribute the flags to folx along the route, asking for donations to the Metro Trans Umbrella Group.

“With everything that’s happened, I want to show them that there is support, there are people who see them and hear them, that are not going to silence them,” says Gosha. “Many within our community don’t feel supported, and they feel silenced. My mission in this is to bridge the gap and begin building trust.”

As the parade progresses, hopefully the iconic blue, pink and white flags will be an unmissable visual element of the landscape. The suggested donations collected will go to MTUG, but no one will be denied a flag if they can’t donate.

“My goal is when the MTUG kids or any trans kids walking the parade or at the parade, when they start going down that route, they see all the pink, blue and white flooding that parade. Any trans kid can walk this route and be overwhelmed with support. “

Why do trans folx need a flag of their own, though—doesn’t the rainbow flag cover it?

“That’s just as bad as saying ‘All Lives Matter,’” says Gosha. “All lives don’t matter until black lives matter. All lives don’t matter until trans lives matter. Stop saying the rainbow flag covers everyone—it just doesn’t.”

Join the flag-making Sunday at Pride Center, 3738 Chouteau, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. And look for a beautiful tsunami of love and support at the parade on the 24th.



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